Unit 6 (PMD1) producer and audience.

Unit 6 Assignment one – The relationship between producers and their audiences.

Audiences are individuals or a collective group of people who interact and consume with any type of new media product such as video games. The types of media that audiences consume can be anything from a YouTube video to reading an online article.

Without these strong types of audiences media products such as magazines and online articles would have no purpose on the digital and physical market today. A developer would not be able to consume a regular profit if the audience was not watching, reading or playing on their product on a regular basis as they do today. For example a video game developer wouldn’t make any profit without the consumers (us) purchasing and playing their video game and thus they make profit but without us this would cease to exist.

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Video game art styles.


Video games with distinguishable art styles seem to always leave an everlasting impression with video game enthusiasts, even if the game did not do very well or never got as popular as it was intended to have done. But because of the defined art style that the developers of a certain game went with, gamers will always remember the game because of it’s striking but defining video game art style.

For example I could not imagine Mario Kart being in any other art style other than cartoon, this is because of it’s game defining visuals that has been used by Nintendo developers for quite an amount of time on games like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Zelda.

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First term/October reflection


EGX 2014 – Trip reflection. (25/09/2014)

Today we went to the gaming convention that is known as EGX in London, as a gaming convention goes it was a brilliant day out and I am sure I will be attending EGX yearly now. We visited the developer stalls whilst at EGX to ask a few questions and understand what it takes to get into the gaming industry. Furthermore I spoke to industry professionals all over the convention floor from companies like Xbox, Twitch, Jagex and PlayStation which was a real asset for me to understand what it takes to get into the career that I want to get into, overall EGX was an amazing event but also eye opening as to what it’s going to take to get the dream job I want.

On another hand I spoke to one of the lead community managers at Jagex, the company that has created games like Runescape and Transformers Universe. I asked her some questions about becoming a community manager and what skills, qualifications I need to be able to get into the business and she gave me some really good, productive feedback.

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Media’s affect on society?

How does the media affect you and society?

How does media affect society today?EU-Media-Futures-Forum-pic_0

Media today has a massive impact on society for different reasons whether they are good or bad, media is being used all the time because it’s easily accessible to everyone around the world. There are different ways media affects society whether it is a tool for game designers to contact their audience or a tool for a politician to promote an issue or agenda they would like to raise, it is an easy way of getting to the general public because it is used by mostly everyone, every single day of the year which would suggest that everyone is going to be able to see or read something that someone puts onto the internet or some other form of media.

On another hand media is affecting society in a bad way because not everything that is put out their is completely true e.g. some newsletters could be telling us some false information that may or may not be completely true or accurate to a substantial story.

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