First term/October reflection


EGX 2014 – Trip reflection. (25/09/2014)

Today we went to the gaming convention that is known as EGX in London, as a gaming convention goes it was a brilliant day out and I am sure I will be attending EGX yearly now. We visited the developer stalls whilst at EGX to ask a few questions and understand what it takes to get into the gaming industry. Furthermore I spoke to industry professionals all over the convention floor from companies like Xbox, Twitch, Jagex and PlayStation which was a real asset for me to understand what it takes to get into the career that I want to get into, overall EGX was an amazing event but also eye opening as to what it’s going to take to get the dream job I want.

On another hand I spoke to one of the lead community managers at Jagex, the company that has created games like Runescape and Transformers Universe. I asked her some questions about becoming a community manager and what skills, qualifications I need to be able to get into the business and she gave me some really good, productive feedback.

06/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

In today’s lesson we were introduced into good and bad graphic design, Mr Skinner showed us some respective good and bad websites e.g. the Doctor who website etc. Also he showed me all through the specification and what is required for me to get a Distinction in this specific unit.

Personal feedback: As a result of this feedback I now understand what is required of me to get a Distinction within this unit.

07/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

In today’s lesson we have learnt how to use a software called “Animate it” where a group of us took the challenge to animate a stop motion animation. Through this process I have learnt how to use frame rate and how to create an illusion through stop motion animation. Mr Skinner also helped us produce the final project, he gave us productive advise about how to not jump the frames whilst we were trying to achieve 12 frames per second in our little animation we have done.

07/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s Lesson 

Today we have been developing more into our ideas of our games we brain stormed a few weeks ago. Mr Bunyard also showed us how to structure and develop our ideas onto a short piece of writing about our three games. For Example:

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