01. Initial concepts

Initial ideas for video games.

A fighter game (cartoon style), based in another world.

Gladiators of Crendor.

  • There isn’t just one main character, every character has a different story and background.
  • Cartoon art style
  • Different mechanic’s and gameplay effects depending on what character chosen.
  • Different levels depending on character level.
  • Every character has a different class tree, so another character standing next to you will not have the same set of abilities as you do.
  • Colourful different character variations.

Escape your destiny.

  • First person shooter pixel game
  • Based in another universe
  • Different motor bikes and access to different vehicles throughout the game.
  • There’s a war between two different races where the player is trying to reach peace
  • but in the end he finds out that peace is not an option for the two races and someone will have to come out as victors at the end of the tragic war.
  • Different multi-player options (Slightly like Halo)
  • There’s a campaign mode for the in-depth story.
  • Two options (Campaign mode) and (Multi-player)
  • Different variations of weapons.
  • Multi-player will have different levels for how you play and how long you have played for, so for example is a level four meets a level five in a multi-player map the level five will have a distinct advantage because he/she will have unlocked more weapons and more.

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