02. Market research

On this page I have displayed my information and responses I got from the questionnaire that I designed for my video game. Overall the information that I have acquired is very informative and it explains the decisions that I need to take when I start developing my concept art and overall video game. 

PDF to market research questionnaire:

Game preference questionnaire – Google Forms


My first information that I have acquired is the gender of the participants in the survey. As we can see the responses are mainly a male generated response whereas as there is a smaller generated response from a female audience. From the responses I have acquired I have learned that the gaming community is still mainly a male audience which has told me that my target audience will be directed to a male audience because of the information I have acquired in my questionnaire.


The second information that I have gathered from my questionnaire is the type of games that players that have participated in my questionnaire play, whether that be strategy, sport or any other video game that was listed in the question above.

As it is shown RPG’s (Role playing game) are the most popular type of game genre from the individuals that filled in my survey. Furthermore as it is shown there is a general overall play in all the different game genres like Dance/Rhythm  and Sport video games in particular. The only one from the responses that has a smaller limited response is ‘sport’ which includes games like Fifa and the 2K games which to the more hardcore video game fans this is not particularly a genre that interests them as much as a role playing game like Dragon Age does.

From this research I have taken it into consideration what most ‘Gamers’ tend to like as their main genre which is an RPG (Role playing game). From this I have decided that I am going to focus my game on a the strategy genre rather than using an RPG genre for my video game. The main reason for using a strategy genre instead of RPG is because the RPG market has already got some big titles and it would be harder to compete with games like World of Warcraft.

Finally I have drawn inspiration from the old Warcraft and Starcraft games which were strategy games instead of being an RPG that Warcraft is now.


The third question I asked was how often do they play video games and the responses were as I predicted they were going to be. An overall response was that the participants played video games very often or often whereas the rest of the responses only either played video games sometimes or not at all which suggests that most of my target audience play video games quite often during a single week.

From this research it has allowed me to understand what type of game I need to create whether that be a long winded game or a video game that will keep bringing players back to play because of the time that gamers in an average week play video games which suggests a video game like mine we a lot of story and exploration and different game play aspects will appeal to a wide audience because of the time that the send playing video games in general.


The fourth question that I asked the individuals that filled in my survey was do they play video games with their friends in a campaign or a multiplayer aspect or whether they prefer to play a video game on their own. From the information I have acquired it seems to me that most of the responses do not mind online games but it has to have a significance to the whole overall video game.

I have decided since their is an overall response as to it depends on the video game that they are playing, I have decided to leave the multiplayer aspect of my video game out of the whole design process of the game because I don’t think the multiplayer would have any significance to the overall story line of the game.


For the fifth question on the survey I asked the participants what social media site they choose to use the most. This is because then I know what type of website whether that be Facebook, Twitter or none of the above I will now know which social media site out of the two main one’s listed or none of the above which most of the gamers that participated in the survey choose to use the most.

From the research that I have acquired it is clear to see that Twitter has the overall vote by one over Facebook and both which tells me that 50% of the people that participated in my server either use Twitter or Twitter and Facebook. This now will tell me which social media sites to advertise on when advertising my video game.


The sixth question on my survey was whether or not the participants filling out my survey would see themselves as a casual gamer. The reasoning for me asking this question would tie into how many hours in an average week does the participant play video games. This is going to help me develop me video game because as it is shown most of the responses are “No” they would not see themselves as a casual gamer which means that they are either a hardcore gamer or a semi-hardcore gamer which allows me to play around with time frames and difficulty within my video game because from the responses the target audience is aiming at hardcore gamers.


Similar to question six this question will determine how long the game will take to complete or how long in an average week does a participant play video games.

As shown above there is different time frames for how long a participant will play video games for on a normal day to day which has shown me that over 60% of participants play video games at least for over an hour a day.

From the two top questions I will now take it into consideration how long it will take for a player to complete a level within the game or gain a new experience boost within my video game. Finally this has also shown me that 16% of participants do play video games for nearly 10 hours+ every day which then I will have to cater for their needs as individuals as well as catering to individuals that only want to play the game for an hour everyday. This will then allow everyone with different playtime styles to complete the game and get through the story line at their own pace.


For the seventh question I have asked whether or not the participant has access to video games on their mobile device, whether that be a simple but initiative game like Flappy birds or temple run. I asked this question because it will show me whether or not it’s wise to upload my game (If possible) to mobile devices.

Furthermore if it’s not possible to upload my game to mobile devises I could connect the users mobile device to the game in different ways, get notifications about your progress within the game or even a gold making game for the main game on the mobile devices and android tablets to help connect the user to their digital devices.


Here is a sample question that the participants could fill in during the survey to tell me what they would specifically like in their ideal video game to play. Some of the responses were that they would like good graphics on Xbox one but I cannot change anything on that front because I am creating a small indie game but some of the responses were genuinely helpful such as the second response that the participant would like easy controls and fun game play which I now will take the controls of the video game into consideration to make them easy and fun to use.


In the tenth section I asked participants whether or not they would mind what sex the main character is, in another sense do the participants care whether or not their main character within a video game is male or female. From the responses I have collected it is sure to see that some participants do mind what sex their main character is within a video game whereas nearly 60% have said either it depends on the game’s storyline or that they don’t mind at all.

In addition I am glad that I have asked this question to the participants because it now tells me whether or not I can mix up the sexes of the characters in my video game, regardless of the responses I will be using male and female characters to represent the lore and story in the best way within my universe I am creating.


In the eleventh question I have asked the participants which type of payment scheme they like best whether that’s a free-to-play video game or a subscription based game like World of Warcraft or whether or not they like to just purchase the game and then following up with no more payments throughout playing the game.

From the responses that I have gotten it’s clear to see that most participants would rather just pay four the game once and then never have to pay for anything else like DLC’s, content patches within a game etc. From the responses I have gathered I have come to the conclusion that I will make my video game free-to-play with downloadable content which will allow the users to play the game completely free.


In this section I asked the participants what aspects of a video game do they enjoy the most or what sections of a game they are most interested in.

The responses where quite mixed overall which makes me realise that within my video game I need all aspects of game play whether that be an in-depth story or a in-depth skill system to accommodate anyone’s needs when playing my video game. This is because most of the responses are 50/50 when it comes to which part of a video game they like the most which suggests that there is an overall love and interest in every aspect of a video game.


In this section I have asked the participants whether or not they own the following gaming platforms so I can get a clear view on which platforms I could possibly develop my video game for whether that be for the Xbox arcade store or the PSN store the following information I have acquired tells me that most the participants do own a gaming console whether that be a Wii, Game Cube, Xbox or PlayStation all the participants would have access to my video game if I developed it for the different platforms that are listed above.


The last question I asked the users was which control scheme do they prefer the most whether that be using a controller or a keyboard and mouse or something completely different like touchscreen or a Kinect sensor. The overall response was keyboard and mouse and a normal console controller is what most of the participants do enjoy to use the most when gaming.

From this information I now know that nearly 80% of the participants do prefer to either use a keyboard and mouse or a console controller which suggests that I now will design my video game to cater to the larger audience with the game being applicable with a keyboard and mouse as well as a console controller.

Overall the market research has been a success because it has allowed me to see what type of video games or control scheme’s individuals use whether that be completely different to other users. I can now take all this information to move forward and help me create a good video game that is going to cater to everyone’s needs from a in-depth leveling system to an in-depth story following the game.


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