05. Mood Board

In this section I am showing my different mood boards that I have designed for my video game starting with an overall mood board followed by an elven mood board and then a sci-fi futuristic human race mood board which represents the two races I am designing for the world of Crendor. (setting of my video game)

The mood board below is the overall video game mood board for (Escape your Destiny) the video game that I will be designing. Below I am showing off different environments, characters, buildings and other things that have inspired me to create the world of Crendor and the rich planet that I will be building.

This also gives the reader the impression of what type of art style that I am going with for my video game. The world of Crendor is a cartoon art style game that will likely represent the world of Pandora that is featured in the film Avatar.

Overall mood board

Overall mood board

Following up from the mood board above I have designed a full mood board for my following two races. The first mood board to represent the races of Crendor that I have designed is the Elven race. I have taken the inspiration from things such as the Lord of the Rings series and World of Warcraft because their type of elven race is the sort of Elven race I am designing for my video game.

Furthermore I have shown different characters and different environments that the elves in my video game will have. As I have already said I have got the inspiration for other video games and movies such as Runescape and the Warcraft series.

Eleven race mood board

Eleven race mood board

Following up from the elven race the sci-fi human race on Crendor is a segment of the population of the old race of elves that have evolved into a new species known as humans now. I have taken the inspiration from different sci-fi movies and video games such as Starcraft, Borderlands and other movies such as Star Trek.

The two races have different art styles and ways of living with the game itself which is defiantly represented in the two different mood boards shown.

Human race mood board

Human race mood board


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