Media’s affect on society?

EU-Media-Futures-Forum-pic_0How does the media affect you and society?

How does media affect society today?

Media today has a massive impact on society for different reasons whether they are good or bad, media is being used all the time because it’s easily accessible to everyone around the world. There are different ways media affects society whether it is a tool for game designers to contact their audience or a tool for a politician to promote an issue or agenda they would like to raise, it is an easy way of getting to the general public because it is used by mostly everyone, every single day of the year which would suggest that everyone is going to be able to see or read something that someone puts onto the internet or some other form of media.

On another hand media is affecting society in a bad way because not everything that is put out their is completely true e.g. some newsletters could be telling us some false information that may or may not be completely true or accurate to a substantial story.


Another point to make would be that media is also used for education and entertainment purposes because their are websites like YouTube and Netflix which allow users to access television and entertainment via the web. But overall media is used by companies all around the world as a tool to market their products or services to let users, readers know what they are doing as a business.

(Audience is key, and that means having access to the media in society today will allow businesses and individuals to contact and advertise to others.)

How does media affect me?

Media affects me in different ways, everyday I am using media whether I am using my phone or my gaming consoles. I am influenced every single day by media just because it’s a massive thing in the world today. Most of all I am exposed to the internet and my gaming consoles every single day because of the amount of time I spend on them, but I choose to use this media because it is a source of entertainment for me, where as I am exposed to other media like Newsletters, billboards and advertisements whilst walking to college or on a day to day basis because it’s all around us.

Furthermore Media has influenced my life and the career path I want to take, this is because gaming falls under media all the time because it’s a source of entertainment and way for the general public to access online information that someone has produced whether that be a game or some news/worldly information.


Media does affect me but I would say that media affects me in a good way rather than a bad way, this is because I am able to access websites like Twitter and Facebook to talk to other individuals I may not have spoken to in a while. It also allows me to find out the latest news and what’s going on in the gaming industry.

Pros to having the media?

– For businesses it’s a way of targeting their customers.

– It’s a source of information, education and entertainment.

– For games designers it’s a way to produce and sell out their games.

– For politicians it’s a way to promote an idea or agenda.

Cons to having the media?

– Miss treated websites and users online.

– False information to a wider story.

– Some people believe that allowing certain audiences e.g. children to read sexual or violent behaviour then will go and act it out themselves.

Different platforms of media: 

– Radio, AM, FM, DAB

– Television – Cable and Satellite

– Cinema – Motion picture

– Mobile devises

– Newspapers and Magazines

– Gaming Consoles

– Internet/world wide web

– Disk

Famous quote:

“If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own” – Wes “Scoop” Nisker. 


One thought on “Media’s affect on society?

  1. Very good and insightful summary of the impact of the media on you and society. As a potential media professional it is important to understand the effects of media to it’s audiences, helping you develop a better understanding of the sector and why it exists. Some good examples used, a few illustrations and pictures good add to any points you are trying to make

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