Dec 2014

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 01/12/2014

In the lesson today we have been designing and developing our initial ideas for our group project animation piece, Mr Skinner also has shown us a brief description on what we do not need in our assignment that is due on the 08/12/2014.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 02/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 03/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 04/12/2014


Mr Butler’s lesson – 04/12/2014


Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 04/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 05/12/2014


Mr Skinner’s lesson – 09/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 09/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 10/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 11/12/2014


Mr Butler’s lesson – 11/12/2014


Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 11/12/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 12/12/2014


Mr Skinner’s lesson – 15/12/2014

In today’s double lesson Mr Skinner has finalized what we need for our written assay for unit 34 and what types of points within the assay we need to hit. From this I will go home tonight and make sure that I have finalized my assay and that I have hit all the target points needed to get a distinction in this certain unit.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 16/12/2014

In this session today we have been presenting our unit 61 presentations on interactive media and graphical design on websites and different media types. We have also handed in our unit 34 written assay about 2D animation history and case study which I chose to research and produce my case study on Seth Macfarlane. As well Mr Skinner has shown us that the written assay for unit 34 was not the only thing to go towards our final grade and that we have other things to do before we can get our final unit grade.


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 16/12/2014

In the double session today we have been working more on our digital for our video game and thus I have been working on finishing my sketch designs for my characters. I have also met my first personal deadline for my game design sketches. Next lesson I will be finishing off my final sketch designs and then moving onto starting my digital art work.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 17/12/2014

In today’s session we have been working towards more of our goals to meet our personal deadlines for our artwork and our digital artwork towards unit 78. I have been working on my final sketch designs towards the environment of my video game. Personally I need to work more towards my deadlines that I have set for myself otherwise I could miss deadlines, I defiantly need to get better with my time management for next term.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 18/12/2014

In today’s double session we have been working more towards our final coursework pieces this includes our ten page game design document, our digital drawings and sketch designs for our video game and our game summaries that are all due in, in February.

Mr Bunyard has also gone over the submission rules for Unit 78 and Unit 72 because the resubmission deadline for both units is tomorrow. (19/12/2014)

For the resubmission I have only got to hand in unit 72 again because I only achieved a merit in this unit. This was because I did not analyse and critically evaluate between two examples of different game play mechanics whether that be the reward system, the UI (User interface) or challenging encounters within a video game. I need to critically evaluate two examples for every point I am making in the assay to achieve a distinction.

Mr Butler’s lesson  – 18/12/2014

In today’s session we have been looking at a website called YouGov which portrays different social class and demographics of different topics such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. During the lesson we have made a Power Point presentation on The Hobbit to portray what social class, gender and demographics The Hobbit has.


Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 18/12/2014

In today’s session we have been working more on our company presentations, I have added more in-depth detail on my write up for Blizzard Entertainment. I will be working on the write up over the Christmas period because I want to put in all the detail that I can think and research off. I have followed Blizzard Entertainment for quite sometime now and would like to give the company the justice it deserves within my write up.

Finished 2014 at Birmingham Ormiston Academy! See you in the new year! 


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