Nov 2014

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 05/11/2014 

Today we have been assigned to two different groups for a debate that is going to take place on Friday on whether or not it is good to have violence within video games. In today’s lesson we have been researching and developing some good arguments for Friday’s debate, we have also developed a starter speech for our designated group.


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 06/11/2014

In today’s lesson we have been developing more into our research for the debate tomorrow. I have been able to understand what a good and bad debate is.

Mr Butler’s lesson – 06/11/2014

Today’s lesson we have been finishing off or starting our assignment that has been set by Mr Butler “Defining the relationship between the producer and the audience” I have been working on finishing off the assignment by defining the definition off the advantages and disadvantages of using audience categories for video game developers.

Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 06/11/2014

Today we have been continuing our work on our company power point which I chose to do a company called Blizzard Entertainment which is the developer for games like Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft.

I have chosen which layout I want for my presentation and how I am going to structure my writing. On the other hand I would like to ask Mr Dodzo next lesson if I can produce a write up on Blizzard Entertainment instead or as well as the power point I am currently working on for Unit 7.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 10/11/2014

In the double lesson today we have been moving on more with our unit 61 interactive design. As well Mr Skinner has lunched another unit which is Unit 34 2D animation production, we have been researching some different types of concept art design and quoting why it’s a good example and what I want my sketch book to look like when we finish Boa to take to university/job interviews.


Mr Skinner’s lesson – 11/11/2014 (Remembrance day) 

Today Mr Skinner has gone over our case study and animation assay on the history of animation. I have chosen to research Seth MacFarlane for my case study that will hopefully get me my distinction for Unit 34.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 11/11/2014 (Remembrance day)

In today’s session we have been debating on whether or not violence in video games should be permitted. The whole class has made quite valid points on both sides but both sides draw in a five all point score. To add we watched a documentary on addiction in video games which mainly targeted at video games like World of Warcraft.

With this feedback I have seen and been given today I will now look carefully in the way I develop the 2D game I am going to be making with Mr Bunyard.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 12/11/2014

Today we have looked into our three initial game concepts and chosen one that we think would appeal to us and to a market to produce as our final idea. We have gone over a GDD which is a game design document that encompasses everything that we want within our video game when it is being developed which then I will use to refer back to when I need to understand. For example what does one certain character look like or what kind of dialogue does one certain character within the video game have.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 13/11/2014 (Warlords of Draenor has released)

Today we have been developing on ten page development document more, adding additional information where it is needed to be added. For example I have shown a overall story for my video game and a preview of the ending to the story line within my video game.

Mr Butler’s lesson – 13/11/2014 (Warlords of Draenor has released)

In this session we have been finishing off our assignment for Mr Butler, he gave me some verbal feedback on what things I need to add and what’s good within my assay, also what I could improve on. From the feedback that I have been given I will now make the changes that have been asked to do and take the feedback into consideration to further improve all my assays on the course.

Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 13/11/2014 (Warlords of Draenor has released)

Today we have been working more towards our presentation that we are going to be putting forward to Mr Dodzo after the 5th of December. I chose to use Blizzard Entertainment as my company to research because I know the company inside out more because I play the video games they create religiously, this is going to benefit me in different ways because I will be able to put every detail I know about the company down and forward to Mr Dodzo to achieve my Distinction in this unit.


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 14/11/2014 

In the session today we have been working more on our GDD (Games design Document) that is going to help us create our game and art for our video game in the upcoming weeks, I have chosen to use RPG maker for my game engine because it’s a more appealing game engine for my video game.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 17/11/2014

In today’s lesson we have got into groups for our group animation assignment.I have developed a rough idea of the the animation i am going to create and the group concept is going to be designed productively between me, Tom and Komor.

We have also looked into our sketch books, Mr Skinner has emphasized that we need to get our own sketch books to produce a portfolio of work for university.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 18/11/2014

In today’s lesson we have been placed into different groups to recognize what it takes to get a distinction in all of our individual assignments that have been set by Mr Skinner. Furthermore we have developed our understanding on what terminology and correct English that will exemplify our points we will be making in our assays.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 18/11/2014 

In this double session we have been researching different video game mood boards and designed our own mood boards for our game environments, characters and other things that will be in our video game when we come to develop it.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 19/11/2014

In the double session today Mr Bunyard has set us another two tasks that go towards our game development. In this lesson today I have been collecting my data that I acquired from my questionnaire to know analyse the information on my blog.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 20/11/2014

In today’s lesson I have been completing my market research which is the data that I acquired from the questionnaire I produced a few weeks ago, this has shown me some of the decisions that I am going to have to make as I am designing my game due to different things that will need to cater to some different players, for example some individuals don’t like exploring environments whereas others do.


It’s because of the information I have acquired I will now be able to actively make the decisions that I need to make to be able to make a good video game.

Mr Butler’s lesson – 20/11/2014 

In the session today we have been learning about Codes and Conventions which are the things that go into making a game, film or TV series such as the environments, weapons and other things like camera angles and costumes that all go into making a film or a game like The Lord of the Rings.

Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 20/11/2014 

In the lesson today Mr Dodzo has gone over a couple of things that are of interest to us when thinking about the media industry such as horizontal, vertical and diversified integration within the media sector and Primary, Secondary and Tertiary aspects of the industry which will help us define the write up or presentation we are doing about our selected company and in other aspects of the whole course.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 21/11/2014 


Mr Skinner’s lesson – 24/11/2014 (World of Warcraft’s 10th anniversary)


Mr Skinner’s lesson – 25/11/2014 


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 25/11/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 26/11/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 27/11/2014


Mr Butler’s lesson – 27/11/2014


Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 27/11/2014


Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 28/11/2014












































One thought on “Nov 2014

  1. 5/11 – 11/11/14
    You carried out some good research and worked well as part of a small team. Make sure you apply these skills to all of your projects, particularly using all of the research tools available to you. When working in a team make sure you know what everyone’s role is and everyone works to their strengths.
    I look forward to seeing how you will apply what we’ve discussed to your own gaming project.

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