Oct 2014

EGX 2014 – Trip reflection. (25/09/2014)

Today we went to the gaming convention that is known as EGX in London, as a gaming convention goes it was a brilliant day out and I am sure I will be attending EGX yearly now. We visited the developer stalls whilst at EGX to ask a few questions and understand what it takes to get into the gaming industry. Furthermore I spoke to industry professionals all over the convention floor from companies like Xbox, Twitch, Jagex and PlayStation which was a real asset for me to understand what it takes to get into the career that I want to get into, overall EGX was an amazing event but also eye opening as to what it’s going to take to get the dream job I want.


On another hand I spoke to one of the lead community managers at Jagex, the company that has created games like Runescape and Transformers Universe. I asked her some questions about becoming a community manager and what skills, qualifications I need to be able to get into the business and she gave me some really good, productive feedback.

06/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

In today’s lesson we were introduced into good and bad graphic design, Mr Skinner showed us some respective good and bad websites e.g. the Doctor who website etc. Also he showed me all through the specification and what is required for me to get a Distinction in this specific unit.

Personal feedback: As a result of this feedback I now understand what is required of me to get a Distinction within this unit.

07/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

In today’s lesson we have learnt how to use a software called “Animate it” where a group of us took the challenge to animate a stop motion animation. Through this process I have learnt how to use frame rate and how to create an illusion through stop motion animation. Mr Skinner also helped us produce the final project, he gave us productive advise about how to not jump the frames whilst we were trying to achieve 12 frames per second in our little animation we have done.

07/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s Lesson 

Today we have been developing more into our ideas of our games we brain stormed a few weeks ago. Mr Bunyard also showed us how to structure and develop our ideas onto a short piece of writing about our three games. For Example:

“What Genre is the game you are making?” 

“Short story summary” 

“What’s your target audience for this game?” 

08/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s Lesson

Today we have been working more on our game development sheets and Mr Bunyard explained to us about the differences between a 3D game engine and 2D game engine, he also showed us different examples to explain the engines in a more in-depth manor which was really helpful for future reference when we come to develop our games.

Warner Brothers Studio – Trip reflection. (9/10/2014) 

Today we went to Warner Brothers Studio “The making of Harry Potter” just outside of London where they produced films like Harry Potter, Edge of Tomorrow etc..


To summaries the whole day was “magical” we got to see all the different props, scenes, costumes and designs that all went into making all eight Harry Potter films, we were lucky enough to have an educational talk about the process of what goes into making a film like Harry Potter go from concept art to an actual on-screen film, on another hand having a look into what it takes to make a film has made me realise all the process and development it will take me or a team to create and develop a video game.

“Fantastic day, defiantly will be going to Warner Brothers Studio again!”

13/10/2014 – Mr Skinners Lesson

Today we have been developing more for our unit 61, we have had the opportunity to work more on our “Graphic design” section and the new section “Interactive design” which includes principles like Target audience, Suitability, context and form of an interactive website design. Mr Skinner has also helped me develop my understanding of unit 61 and unit 62 on how they are structured and put together.

14/10/2014 – Mr Skinners Lesson

In this double session we have been shown some more examples of different 2D animation and different first film art from the 1990’s. Some examples of the first animated film with sound would be from Walt Disney, Mr Skinner also has shown us some points of how to structure our animation (2D) report which has helped me going forward making the correct points to hit a distinction standard in my report.


15/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s lesson

Today in the double session we were shown and given to fill out an online questionnaire that Mr Bunyard had created himself, the aim was for us to find the faults in the questionnaire so that when we did create our own questionnaires later in the lesson we would know what the wrong thing to put or not put in our questionnaires.

On another hand showing us this example helped me develop my own questionnaire correctly and wisely as this then saved me time because I knew what I should and should not put because of the example Mr Bunyard showed us at the beginning of the lesson.

16/10/2014 – Mr Butler’s lesson

In Mr Butler’s lesson today we have been finishing the work off that we started last lesson researching audience agencies which are Pearl and Dean, Rajar and BARB. Also Mr Butler has shown us the due dates for the assignment and assay which is the 13th of November 2014 and next Thursday.

16/10/2014 – Mr Dodzo’s lesson

Today we have been covering our first assignment which is centred around the BBC as a company and how they get the funding that allows them to run as we know they do today and where it is spent. Mr Dodzo took us through all the different sectors that the BBC has to be able to run the company smoothly and professionally, some examples would be the BBC’s priories as a company and what there objectives are in the next year or so.


Mr Dodzo also looks at my previous work I had done on “Media’s affect on society” after I had made the minor changes he said that would benefit the whole blog, and he was pleased with the way it had come out after adding some minor changes.

20/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

During today Mr Skinner has introduced us to navigational design and we have continued with the core assignment that we have been given. With Mr Skinner I have also produced a time table for completing different sections of the assignment so I will get them done in time and not miss coursework deadlines.

21/10/2014 – Mr Skinner’s lesson

In today’s double lesson we have revisited our report we are currently working on that covers the history of 2D animation and our case study on a specific animator that has developed the franchise dramatically an example of this would be Walt Disney.

21/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s lesson

In the double session today Mr Bunyard has gone through some of the basic tools that we are able to use in Game Maker. We have the task to learn some of the basic tools in the software which we will present an understanding or show some form of an early staged game at the end of the week to show that we have learn’t some of the software tools.

Game Mak

22/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s lesson

Today we have been continuing learning Game Maker Studio whilst developing our own mini game within the software, I have developed a small castle maze game where I am developing my skills and knowledge in Game Maker Studio to help me create my game concept in a few weeks to come for my unit assignment.

23/10/2014 – Mr Bunyard’s lesson

In today’s session we have been continuing our work on our games on Game Maker studio, I have developed a new sprite which will be my main character in my video game I am in the process of developing on Game Maker Studio.

23/10/2014 – Mr Butler’s lesson

In this lesson today we have developed our understandings on different disadvantages and advantages to audience categorization, we have also developed our knowledge on niche and mainstream audiences within video games. Mr Butler has also shown us the assignment brief for the assignment we will have to complete on the relationships between producers and their audiences over the half term.

23/10/2014 – Mr Dodzo’s lesson

Within today’s lesson Mr Bunyard has given us a presentation on a large gaming company called Nintendo he has shown us how Nintendo was created, produced and some in-depth history about the company and where Nintendo originated from. On another point we also learned which companies are in the top ten market position and funding within the gaming industry which goes from Nintendo to THQ.

Furthermore we have been shown what type of power point will get us the distinction level when we come to develop our understandings and knowledge on our own company.

The company I have chosen to use for unit 7 task one will be Blizzard Entertainment because I have a lot of knowledge on Blizzard as a company and what their values are as developers, industry professionals and community enthusiasts.

(This top ten Market positions could have changed)

1) Nintendo

2) Activation Blizzard

3)  EA

4) Sony

5) Microsoft

6) Konami

7) Ubisoft

8) Take two interactive

9) Square Enix

10) THQ

End of term personal reflection – 24/10/2014

It’s the end of my first term here at Birmingham Ormiston Academy and I thought I would write down how I am feeling and what I need to change when I return to Boa on the 5th of November next term. This term I have learn’t so many different things to do with the industry that I dream on entering after leaving Boa and beyond, Boa is a fantastic place to be a part of. The atmosphere is completely different to your ordinary school,  here at Boa it is just a different well chilled out environment, everyone here wants to achieve and do well so it just rubs off on you to achieve what you want to achieve on a day to day basis whilst you are at Birmingham Ormiston Academy.

Furthermore looking back now I have a few targets that I would like to complete and acquire to when returning next term, I have not been working towards deadlines in time this term due to my work time being used unwisely. My main target for next term would be to use my time working on my coursework more wisely to produce a distinction standard of work on time when the coursework deadline is set.

– Work to the deadlines more effectively

– Use my time more productively

– Develop my coursework and assignments to the best of my ability.

– Take every opportunity that is thrown my way.

Over the half term I will be completing all the coursework that is due in for when we come back after half term in November, I will also be making sure the assignments we have been completing over this term that they are finished and uploaded to my blog at a high level of standard work. I look forward to returning to Boa next term and learning more on my future career and working industry.


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