Feb 2015

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 02/02/2015

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 03/02/2015 

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 03/02/2015

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 04/02/2015 

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 05/02/2015 

Mr Butler’s lesson – 05/02/2015

Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 05/02/2015

In the session today I have been looking at different videos that I can use for my video I am creating about Blizzard Entertainment, I have also researched some more into the company so that not all the information I will be presenting in the video is from Blizzard’s own website which could create a bias view on the gaming sector and their video games they have developed over the years. After listening to the feedback from Mr Dodzo after handing in a write up I had started about Blizzard Entertainment I now know that I have a few things more to include in the video I will be starting to create next week.

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 06/02/2015

During the double session today I have been working on my market research for unit 72, I have read through the blog page and a few things needed tweaking before next weeks deadline. I have also finished and uploaded my ten page game design document but I am currently still tweaking some things on the document so it’s a distinction standard of work.

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 09/02/2015

Mr Skinner’s lesson – 10/02/2015

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 10/02/2015 

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 11/02/2015

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 12/02/2015

Mr Butler’s lesson – 12/02/2015

Mr Dodzo’s lesson – 12/02/2015

Mr Bunyard’s lesson – 13/02/2015



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