Researched example sketchbook designs.

Ideas of sketch book designs that have been produced that I would like to replicate within my own sketch book designs for my video game.

Explain three different concept art’s that I would like to replicate in my own sketch book designs. For example explain how they have used different ways of movement, head tilts, and then the final design to show the development of the character through the sketches.


In this design it shows the development of the character that is above, it also shows different emotions that the character could feel throughout a graphic novel or comic. Towards the right side of the sketches you can clearly see that the development of the character has come to an end with the finished designs of the character. This design shows the process of the development of the concept for the character in question.

I have chosen to use this design because it shows the progression of the character from a simple design to a finished product, a character ready to be used in a graphic novel which I would like to replicate with some of my character designs in my sketch book.


In this design it shows different variations of the male to female characters in a game called World of Warcraft, this is relevant to me because it shows a good way to produce female and male characters when designing the different sexes in my sketches for my video game. The annotation is very little but the layout is very useful to look at to create a professional look when sketching things like this.


The sketches above is the development of a character that is being shown in different ways, a side view and different head tilts and the development from just a simple sketch to a fully detailed annotated character in the bottom left corner of the image.

This is a good example of a good concept sketch because it shows good detailed annotation for the character in question and a detailed one to one finished product which is the same designs and prototype style I would like to achieve in some of my sketches.


This is a detailed sketch of a character that is being designed for a graphic novel or a comic because of the sense of the expressions on the face of the character. In the image above you can see the character in a full view front and back with different emotions on the characters face which stands out in the sketch book when there is different emotions on the characters that are being designed.

This is a very good example because it shows off a way that you are supposed to portray characters in a sketch when you have developed the character from a simple sketch. The design above is clearly a finished product waiting to be used in a comic or graphic novel.

Like this design I would like to try and replicate the way the design has portrayed the different emotions on the characters face whilst showing the body language of the character at a specific time in a comic, video game or graphic novel.


The concept art shown above is a sketch of one different rocket being able to change for the space or environment provided whether that is water, land or in the sky this concept art is showing off detailed (coloured) examples of what the rocket would look like in different situations. This is a good sketch because it will help me provide an in-depth look on what and how colouring in a sketch is supposed to look like.

This sketch design is also a good example to show because it has been annotated correctly in ways which the reader/user will be able to understand what the rocket is going to be doing in a comic,  game or graphic novel. This is going to help me in my sketch designs because it will allow me to annotate my drawings correctly and professionally.


This concept art is a great example of a good sketch book design because it is showing progression from the first sketch to the final coloured in and detailed drawing. This has helped me to understand what a good beginning. middle and end sketch design will look like when it is done in detail and coloured in professionally.


One thought on “Researched example sketchbook designs.

  1. You have found some excellent sketchbook images to influence your own pre-production work. I particularly like the first image, which shows the progression involved in design and planning. All images demonstrate a process of thought and development that shows thought and consideration of different ideas. In your annotations you have clearly identified what it is about these images that make them strong examples of sketchbook work. You have highlighted the use of annotations and the need to avoid focusing too much on producing detailed final designs at the conception stage. It may be helpful to collect some images of more ambitious sketchbook examples that use colour and other artistic processes to create effective and unique concept artwork.

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