01. Mindmap/initial ideas

Here is our digital mind-map we produced for our 2D animation project that we decided to take through into pre-production ‘Mannequin Massacre’. 

Mannequin Massacre mindmap

As a team we all drew out three ideas from three different video games that we were designing for unit 70. Mohammod came up with the idea about a short but simple sequence to develop his video game in a more in-depth way, where as Tom came up with an idea of creating a short video game trailer to show of his storyline within his game that warns the character’s past self about past events. Euwin came up with the idea to develop a short mini cinematic for his video game that he’s producing for unit 70, linking the key scenes and characters within the game together to produce a brief look into the game.

Tom‘s initial animation idea:

“My initial idea was to have the player standing next to a rift slowly getting closer to the rift with a timer in the top left hand corner counting down year after year until the player has become a elderly man. However we made the decision to not produce this animation as it would make little to no sense if the audience watching the animation for the first time knew nothing about my video game I am producing for unit 70.”

Euwin‘s initial animation idea:

“My initial idea for the 2D animation project was to produce a short cinematic that would pan between the different environments within the game that I am creating. Also I would have liked for there to be an overarching narration throughout the whole of the cinematic showing off the different environments and characters within my video game. We decided to develop the idea but eventually we had to change it to Mannequin Massacre because we realized that my project was too time consuming compared to the other two ideas.”

Mohammod‘s initial animation idea:

“My idea was absolutely simple. I wanted to create a prequel for my game which was called Mannequin Massacre. It would showcase how all the different character met each other and how the mannequin outbreak started. My initial idea came from two sources. I thought about one of the missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories which was set in a shopping mall and one of the episodes in Doctor Who, where mannequins had come alive and attacked humans. My character ideas came from various sources such as LA Noire for the detective and policeman. GTA 5 (Trevor) for the madman and Come Fly With Me (coffee shop worker) for the muffin shop worker. As I stated before, this idea was absolutely simple and I wanted it to look as though it was, so I wanted a cartoon style with a little hint of vintage style like in the prohibition era. I wanted the animation and the overall design to mimic designs you find in current episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons.”

Why did we go with Mannequin Massacre?

We have thought directly as a team which idea out of the three would possibly be the best one to go with as we picked Euwin‘s idea first but later on in pre-production we made the decision as a team to go back to the drawing board and develop one of the other ideas because we saw that Euwin‘s idea was going to take too long to produce.

Furthermore we chose to use Mohammod‘s idea to take through as our final idea after a large train of thought developing Euwin‘s cinematic animation. We realized very early on in the development process that Mohammod‘s idea for a 2D animation about his game he is developing for unit 70 ‘Mannequin Massacre’ would be easier to develop in the time frame that we have to develop this animation project and thus we chose to use his idea.


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