07. Scene log

The basic scenes within Mannequin Massacre.

  • Camera pans towards ringing phone in the officers office.  
  • Detective looks up towards the ringing phone.
  • Detective answers the phone with person on the end of the line. *Panicking*
  • Women proceeds to talk to detective to tell him about the massacre.
  • Camera pans to a shocked face on the detective because of the news about the massacre. Detective proceeds not to believe the women.
  • Detective puts the phone down and proceeds to go outside to get into his car.
  • Camera pans into the sky to show that it is raining heavily.
  • Car turns on, detective starts to moan to himself whilst in the car.
  • Scene pans and follows the car until the detective arrives at the destination.
  • Rain continues throughout the scene.
  • Detective meets up with the police officer and starts to talk to him.
  • They both walk into the shopping mall whilst still talking.
  • Gun shots are fired in the shopping mall.
  • Detective meets the individual characters in the shopping mall.
  • Mannequins continue to walk around and cause a disturbance
  • Gun shots are herd relieving the characters.
  • Characters are ecstatic as they all get to safety.
  • Police officer is still in the mall and the mannequins continue to come.
  • Camera pans towards the officers face as he says the final sentence of the film.
  • Camera goes blank revealing the animation logo.

Below this scene log is an image of the draft logo for our animation ‘Mannequin Massacre’ that Mohammod has created within Photoshop. All three of us contributed to the creation of this draft logo for our animation project and will now go onto creating our final logo ready for our ending scene of the animation.



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