09. Influences

On this page we are going to be talking about our inspirations for our 2D animation piece we are designing for unit 34 and what types of things inspired us to create an animation piece that we are calling ‘Mannequin Massacre’. 

  • Our story’s influence

When we looked and thought about different stories that we could draw our influences from for our 2D animation piece ‘Mannequin Massacre’ we looked to things such as game storylines, comics and television programmes such as Doctor who and Frost.

Mohammod wanted the mannequins to move as if they are zombies within the animation so Euwin has been researching and looking into different ways that we could use zombie movement within our animation. Call of Duty stood our clearly to us all as a good source to which we could draw our influences from with the way our Mannequins move around.


In addition we have also drawn inspiration from a GTA Vice City storyline that has the player go into a shopping centre where he/she encounters angry bikers that want to attack the player within this specific storyline in GTA Vice City. We have taken inspiration from this specific mission/storyline because it’s the same way that we envision our Mannequins attacking the different characters in our 2D animation. Furthermore Doctor who’s return episode with Christopher Eccleston stood out to us as an influence for our Mannequins and storyline as a whole this was because the whole episode was centred around mannequins coming to life and attacking a shopping centre in the heart of London.

  • Our character’s influence

Our main character has been influenced from things such as Sherlock Holmes, Frost and all other different detective and police television programmes because of how much our main character fits the profile of being influenced by theses TV shows.

  • Our artistic influence

Family guys, Simpsons. we are going for a realistic but cartoon art style seen in television art styles like Disney films and Family guy etc.

  • Our storyboard influence

The storyboard show below is one of our influences for storyboard design for our 2D animation piece ‘Mannequin Massacre’  We have drawn our influences from this specific storyboard because it has clear scene flow and it is showing off clear view of what the direction of the different scenes within the storyboard are going to be.

The technical drawings are also a big key influence to us in this storyboard and our storyboard designs we are going to create. In addition to drawing our influences from the flow of the different scenes and the technical drawings we are hoping that we can reproduce our storyboards like this when we come to designing our own for this unit.


Overall we have drawn inspiration from all different kind of sources of animation, drawings to hopefully create our 2D animation piece in the best possible way that we can.


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