02. Advantages and Disadvantages of Categorization

Advantages and Disadvantages of Audience categorization

 Method of categorization

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social class
  • Ethnicity
  • Psychographics (Target audience, mainstreamers etc..)
  • Lifestyles
  • Regional identity
  • Mainstream/niche
  • Sexual orientation


Advantages – Stereotypical, interests by age range are easy to identify.

Disadvantages – Someone not of the age range that the devs have chosen could like the game that the universe is set in but not like anything that is in the game because of the age range.


Advantages – This will allow the producer to decide whether or not to include male or female characters.

Disadvantages – A gender that is not used could get offended if for example a male has more screen time than a female in a game like GTA.

(Social class)

Advantages – Easy to identify which social class they will want to target.

Disadvantages –  Someone in a different social class could want to play/watch the product but now cannot because it has been targeted to a different social class.


Advantages – This will allow others of different Ethnicity to play the game with their own Ethnicity which allows the game to be more open to a wider audience.

Disadvantages – Some groups of people could get offended if it is not included or when it is included eg. Russians within the Call of Duty series.


Advantages – This will allow the developers to choose what they will want to include in a game because they then can identify different people’s hobbies and interests.

Disadvantages – For someone that is not interested in something that has been put into a game or when someone has not got an interest in something within a game for example fishing.


Advantages – Will allow the developers to identify different gamers lifestyles whether they are a hardcore gamer or they have other interests other than gaming, it will also allow the developers to preserve how many hours they want a player to put into a game.

Disadvantages – Someone with a different lifestyle that will not have the time to put into a game that another person with a different lifestyle will be able to.

(Regional identity)

Advantages – This allows the developers identify where someone lives.

Disadvantages – If a game is targeted at a certain area, others that do not live in that selected area may be offended or feel left out because of the area used.


Advantages –

Disadvantages –

(Sexual orientation)

Advantages –

Disadvantages –


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