04. Examples of Codes and Conventions

Codes and Conventions within a video game/TV/Film. 

1) FILM – The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit series.

Genre –

Fantasy Film (The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit)

Codes and Conventions – 

  1. Numerous character, dwarves, elves, Orcs etc.
  2. Dramatic music, high pitched fantasy music.
  3. Catchy storyline and background.
  4. Fighting, battles, etc.
  5. Use of catchy phrases “You shall not pass” “We’re going on an adventure”
  6. A long journey/quest.
  7. Vast landscapes, beautiful scenery.
  8. Fast camera movement/slow camera movement.
  9. Dense character costumes
  10. Motion capture/CGI animation and effects.


2) Video Game – Star Wars The Old Republic 

Genre – 

MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game)

Codes and Conventions – 

  1. Dramatic character system/customization
  2. In-depth cinematic storylines
  3. Artistic environments/weapons/gear
  4. Third person camera angle/character angle
  5. Fighting, Dialog, flying
  6. Ship battles, commander decks.
  7. Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds
  8. Programming
  9. In-game cinematic changes/dialog that effects the storyline.
  10. Massive online world, sharing with others.
  11. Different classes with the game.
  12. Trade gear, weapons and other items with other players in-game.
  13. Different animations for all the different abilities and movements.
  14. Downloadable content “Expansion packs”
  15. Guilds (A large community under one name)
  16. Catchy phrases “May the force be with you”


3) TV series – Two and a Half Men

Genre – 

Sitcom (Think Friends, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory)

Codes and Conventions – 

  1. One scene (Flat, apartment, living room)
  2. Group of individuals (family, friends)
  3. Canned laughter
  4. Jokes/awkward convocations/situations
  5. Catchy theme tune/storylines
  6. Good use of catch phrases
  7. Girlfriend/wife/husband dating jokes
  8. Depressed individual that needs saving
  9. Outsider from the friendship or family cycle that joins the show.
  10. Costumes, props, scene.


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