01. Principles of interactive design

Unit 61 – Interactive design – Defining the principles of Interactive design.           

Interactive media, Unit 61 – Part one

————————————————- Introduction —————————————————

Interactive media is an ever growing popular sector in today’s society because of the amount of people that are connected to the internet and other interactive mobile and tablet devices, which inhabits things such as interactive television advertisements, CD’s, DVD’s and online websites such as Reddit and Battle.net.

In addition interactive media can cover things such as online website graphic design to navigational design on a interactive advertisement or website.

Furthermore this sector can cover things such as interactive products like mobile devices to computers to internet kiosks, interactive media is an ever growing industry and is always looking for new ways to connect to the general public to advertise a product or a service in a direct but meaningful way.

————————————————- Graphic design  ———————————————

Graphic design within this section is things such as colour theory, focal points, fonts and visual styles of a website or an advertisement. It’s mainly how the whole website or a piece of advertisement looks like, how it is portrayed on a website or advertisement.

Furthermore there are good and bad graphical design all across the internet on different sites such as Xbox.com and another site like Battle.net but then there are bad graphic design which has not been optimised and designed in a nice way such as Reddit.


Above is a great example of where the graphic design has been used effectively because as you can see there is a rule of three with the columns where the advertisements are being placed on the Xbox website. There are other things such as the typography and how that has been used effectively on this certain website with titles for the different articles and advertisements that Xbox.com are advertising.

reddit screenshot

Even though Reddit as a website has it’s own way of portraying information to it’s users and it’s own distinctive graphic design but compared to a website such as Xbox.com.

Reddit does not have much to stand out to a new user coming onto the website because it only has one strip of colour and the rest of the website is very plain with a lot of writing which for some users may be off putting when visiting a website such as Reddit for the very first time. Reddit would be seen as a website that has bad graphic design.

———————————————– Interactive design  ——————————————–

Need to upload my version.

Interactive design: audience, eg experience, age, accessibility, language and terminology; content (text, graphics, animation, sound, interactivity); semiotics (words, sounds, colours, images); form (uncluttered, consistent, continuity, amount of information presented, grouping and prioritising of information)

———————————————- Navigational design  ——————————————-

Navigational design is the use of navigation on a certain website or advertisement, it is when the the user is able to navigate him/herself throughout the website for an example it would be visual cues eg. highlighted text that is attracting the users attention to a certain area on the website that links the user to another section on the selected website.

A good example of where navigational design is being used effectively would be on the battle.net websites such as Warcraft.com because there are drop down tool bars and hyperlinks for the users to use when trying to get to another section of the website such as the home page to the user forums it is listed in a hyperlink above on a long bar at the top of the website which is effective for the users to be able to get around the website as quickly as they wish.

Battle.net navigation

As well as good hyperlinks, Battle.net is a effective navigational designed website to cater to the users needs if they want to find anything on the website such as a forum topic there are hyperlinks and a drop down task bars to navigate the user to that specific area.

Wow website navigation example

———————————————- Technology Used ———————————————-

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Technology: interactive products, eg web pages, CDs, DVDs, kiosks, motion graphics, animation, special effects, games; content platforms, eg websites, computers, mobile devices, kiosks, interactive television; application tools, eg audio-visual presentation software, web editor, authoring software, animation software.


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